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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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. >> is there low income people is there disabled people? is there seniors? we see it all the time. the point is, main fall is the main cause. seniors hospitalization it's very simple. help them output some bars in there and make it safer and another thing that i want to mention about land lines, here's a concrete example of how a land line is important. one of our members has a condition that is that she wears a heart upon to monitor and she has too play lay a machine into a phone
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and she doesn't have a land line. the condition is if there is an emergency she has to call from a house phone and so there are critical things here that are the point. and housing is healthcare, we firmly believe and accessibility and affordability are crucial and i know it might not be glam louse or the most fabulous lime light of the legislature route to fight for low income people in sr o's but really, that is, people getting pushed out of town and it's a crisis in emergency let's not let them fall out of town. >> thank you mr. mercy. my name is steven kenneths and i'm a 20 plus year residental from sr o's and i have been i think anyone who has been involved in this
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legislature should be congratulated but let's not forgot when an important piece of legislature didn't get taken care of and seniors who lived in an sr o that does not have a bathroom and i'm one of them and i don't benefit from this legislature and i'm buttoned i'm wondering how many people benefit from this. and in the hotel i live in, if a room comes available it's first come first serve and the first room with a bathroom that becomes available you can get it if you would like and i'm not saying it's knot with every sr o with the nonprofit and is i know for a fact where i live, it is and it's a fact that the bit of legislature that is going suppose to help seniors and disabled in a way doesn't because of that lack and i
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understand why and i know the cost but with that being said, let's remember that in the future when at all possible. sooner rather than later, let's fix that loophole and have all rooms with bathrooms. thank you. >> thank you.. >> davideliot louis. good afternoon i'm here representing the central city collaborative here supporting the legislative and nobody spoke against it and nobody is speaking against and amendeds to the housing co we need do this and we need to go further in the form of enforcement and sanctions for non-complines and working with the city none collaborative i have had the misfortunate in seeing how people live in the privately owned hotel and is the hotels jane i know you saw a
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hotel on sixth street and you have not seen the worst there are some really bad properties and sometimes a couple of d b i housing violations and yet, how could it be that a appropriate could accumulate a couple of hundred housing violations before it gets referred to the city attorney? it shouldn't have to get that far. there should be something in place before it gets to 200 violation and is before it goes to the city attorney's office. there is some kind of meaningful sanction in his place so if these grab bars are not put in place and these jacks are not installed that there is a penalty on the property owner do this and my father is that it will pass this rule but it will get implemented and the good actors and t hc and t nbc they will put it in but the private owners, i really doubt they will or a lot of them won't won't and
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so anything that you can do to put enforcement in this, please heed my suggestion. >> thank you next speaker. hi my name is cath thee gal evidence you have seen me here before because of the bed bugs. i'm here because we need the lifeline the telephone connection and the handrails. i could have been drasticstically hurt at a regular privately home when i went to stand up, the toilet-seat was very low, and i lost my balance and the only thing i could grab onto was the door frame if the door frame was not in reaching distance i could have cracked my head on the i want to falling backwards because i fell backwards when i fell. and i was in north beach
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in a residents hotel and most of the toilets are not working and floors are wet because of people taking showers and not cleaning up after themselves. the toilets are stocked up so i would have to walkway down the hall way down the end to the bathroom i have a heart condition and a kidney condition and a lot of times i need the bathroom to be right across from me and at least if it's not there it needs to be workings and if it's not work it doesn't have grab bars and freeptdly i'm going in the middle of the night 3:00 o'clock in the morning. i'm not quite incoherent i'm half as sleep, sleepwalkings and you have to look for the seniors that are under medication and might center themselves and might fall on the slippery floors and they cannot tell because they have problems with their vision fortunately i can tell with my vision if the floor is wet or not and step over it.
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and today i wouldn't be able to because i have something going on with my foot and toes so you have to look out for people who have health issues that are not that visible to the naked eyes and solve to take care of us. telephones and lifelines because i couldn't get a hold of my doctor in one of those hotel north beach, they my land line for me and i accidently didn't pay my cell phone bill because i was moving from one hotel to another and so think about it people like me no cell phone no hotel line because the hotel cut it off. >> thank you. for helping to mobilize people too. thank you to getting a handle on the legislation and i want to say there are a lot of focus involved in the study, there were a lot of folks that
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would have liked to made it here today but they could not for health reasons for mobility reasons and i want to remember folks that, may have been intimidated, didn't speak out. those who felt uncomfortable, you know. we are here for them as well. we have letters of support from different organizations. housing providers, t nbc, the community housing partnership. mercy housing has written us a letter of support as well as the community i'm sorry the counsel of community housing organization. they all have written letters of support, you can see these letters if you would like. i would like to just say that it makes good sense to pass this for elders and aging places to fight isolation and it just makes good common sense to have these in
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bathrooms. i want to really invoke the spirit of my uncle alvarez who worked to have the identifyel tour built and it's going to be built in a few days and that is what they fought for then the right to affordable and dignified housing to age grace fully. and i ask that you pass this. it makes good sense. >> thank you i forgot to call one other card jessica lar man. next speaker. good afternoon members iwe work and advocate on behalf of people with disabilities and the city and community at language our position would be that we prefer wheelchair accessible bathrooms but since for profit hotels don't support that, we support the legislation to help
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senior and it's easy to complement and we want make sure that the grab bars that are installed are properly installed as this has become a concern for us when we advocate for people to get grab bars installed we want them installed properly to make sure they are not attached to the drywall. we have a advocate who had a suggest to get a portable commode railings and but they said someone should steal it and so it's something that needs to be securely put in place and is permanent and wouldn't get stolen and benefit best all people as well as seniors and as far as the telephone jacks we surely advocate for the lifeline system that california create but what is the point in advocating for such a system if you don't have
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functional telephone jacks for them to be using. so the program itself cannot be fully complemented. >> thank you. >> next speaker? michaelline i'm with senator and disability actions these are not are not movies but the semi circular canals in your head that perceive position and is it's common with people as they get older i have been noticing with myself when you change your head position you get a feeling of vertigo because the impulses are not being processed correctly, this is a common situation with older people. why when is the most dangerous room in the house? it's the bathroom because of the slippery surfaces, because of the very hard surfaces will damage you a lot if you fall
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and so it's absolutely essential that there be grab bars, the whole discussion of whether or not this that would be such a no-brainer the whole discussion of whether or not there should be the extra expense of grab bars remind me of the scalings that must have gone on with ford motor company when they were trying to decide whether the extra $7 to put baffles in the fuel tanks would be worth it to keep rather. [end]ers from turning into infernos and they decide the process is a little too much to do this and i think this is an analogous kind of situation because a fall can change your life forever. if we don't have a society where something like this would be automatic, it's not worth having. >> thank you. >> next speaker and it looks like there is we have come to the end of the people called if
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there is anyone else that would like to speak please come forward now. hi my name is dan jordan and i'm with the city sr o collaborative and mere couselor for people. and since this legislation has been introduced and i have learned about it, one of the things that i ask all my clients that come in "does your hotel have grab bars in the bathrooms and phone jacks this the rooms," their normal reply is "no, we don't have that,." many elderly people, and disabled people, excuse me -- are prone to falls. with grab bars, it would be easier for them to hold onto, have something to hold onto, prevent falls, prevent injuries or death and yes, save a lot of tack pair dollars because people living in sr o's don't have lots of money
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or insurance to cover hospital bills and it's taxpayers that wind you have paying those bills. i know the owner of my hotel said they are not installing any kind of grab bars and until the legislation makes them and then and only then, they will put them in so let's make it mandatory and save lives while we do it. >> thank you ms. jordan next speaker? i would like to thank the sponsors for this incredible situation that needs to change. i really appreciate that. i'm joy a bounds and i'm representing senior action network and disability and i would like to say that we heard a lot of stories today and i do not need to reiterate what has been said but i would like to say that everyone including myself could be one step away
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from living in an sr o and losing their studio apartments and one bedrooms due to eviction and i'm a senior and it's a vital necessary ethat needs to be tapped into immediately and i think there is no feed no go any further in talking about it i i think you need to take care of it and take it into action thank you for your time. thank you. >> thank you next speaker? . >> hi my name is jessica i'm with senior disability action and i'm not going to say anymore about it because people have done a great job doing it today. but we want to thank all of the
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tenants who came here to speak today and you have done so much work with the survey and preach preparing the elaboration and we want to thank councilman mar and carl lay johnson and joanna and the mayors disability counsel and dos nape name who has been helpful in meetings and coordinating our group and i also want to acknowledge councilman's kim's comments about facing seniors with disability and is we really appreciate you commenting on those issues. the reason we have these two issues grab bars and phone jacks front of the legislation today is we saw hem as two things that are managingable and we wantedded to move forward with sprr mar and we do look forward to work with
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all of you to figure out the other solutions so is it didn't stop here but we can continue to create safer housing for people with disabilities and for everyone. thank you. >> thank you seeing no other sparkes mr. chairman can we close public comment? yes, we may, the comment is closed. colleagues i just wanted to thank everywhere for the great testimony it's always really eye opening but especially those who are saying this is common sense and we should have done this year ago but that there is so much more to be done and mr. vining also mentioned there is the survey and recommend days online at f h a sites and please ask our office we can provide it and gives the short term and concrete issues and long term once like elevator and is people living on the first floors and
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front desk and caretaker positions within the sr o's and i know mr.eliot louis asked the question about enforcement and i know if there are respected repeated violation and we will work closely to make sure that it's fully enforced and strongly supports this effort that will create safer housings and dignified housing for people who live in our sr o's not just for seniors with disabilities but for everyone and i appreciate the coals built around this and i encourage continuing to build the coalition for better housing for everyone thank you everyone colleagues i urge support for the amendments that have been made and the ordinance itself. >> thank you supervisor mar. superior mar has submitted amendments. >> okay colleagues is there
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any objection to the amendments seeing none we will cut to the amendments superior kim? i wanted to make a motion to move this positive recommendation and i want to again he can cosuperior mar in thank thanking so many of you who have been working thong and whether as for push things forward today and i'm excited to support it this and i'm sure we will get unanimous support at the board of superiors soon and supervisors soon and irrespective to ensure that we have enforcement to follow up on this legislation and hopefully we can work with rose marry boss and d b i so that this legislation happens and has heed thank you. >> thank you i'm happy to second supervisor kim's hogs and i'm happy to cosponsors this and again that youtor the community to come out on this.
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i am supportive of this legislation as well it'slo overdue we need to make sure our sr o's are safe for everyone and i know there are many senior and disabled red deeds had a we need to make sure that have better living conditions and colleagues can we fake this motion to the forward to the board? seeing no objection that will be the order i don't madame are there any other items before us? no, there are not. >> then we are adjourned. thank you.


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